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S H I N e e ★☆ claims.

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claim anything related to SHINee!

어서오세요!♥ Welcome to SHINee Claims, a community where you can claim anything related to the 5-member contemporary band, SHINee.
Please read the rules below carefully and completely in order to have your claim(s) approved.

the rules
● first of all, you must join the community.
● please check the Claims List to see if your claim is available.
● fill out the claiming form completely IN A NEW ENTRY!.
● this community is set up on a first come, first served basis. no reservations.
● 10 users can claim a SHINee member. everything else has 5 slots each.
● you may have up to 3 claim subjects, but only one of them can be a SHINee member.
● you may not claim general items. that is, you are not allowed to claim SHINee is a whole group, or full singles/albums.
● please do NOT claim all 3 subjects at once. you may only claim one subject per day. other people need chances too, eh? :D
● when (and only when) your claim is approved, please link back to shineeclaims in your profile or any claim-related entry. if you do not do this, your claim might be deleted.
● do not make multiple accounts to claim more subjects.
● i will delete your claim(s) if your journal is deleted.

claiming format

If you would like to affliate, please reply here.
sm_shinee. shineecrews. beulling. timeless_x_love at reverievisitor.